The Honoring Ceremony of Dr. Naghmeh Meraji, Ex-Head of the Leadinghouse for Iran-Switzerland Academic Partnerships and Introducing Dr. Nasim Chiniforush, as the New Head of the House

The Honoring Ceremony of Dr Naghmeh Meraji Ex Head of the Leadinghouse for Iran Switzerland Academic Partnerships and Introducing Dr Nasim Chiniforush as the New Head of the House

The honoring ceremony of appreciating Dr. Naghmeh Meraji, ex-head of the Leadinghouse for Iran-Switzerland Academic Partnerships and introducing Dr. Nasim Chiniforush, as the new head of the house was held on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020.


Dr. Kordi, TUMS Vice-Chancellor appreciated Dr. Meraji for her two years efforts in this position and evaluated the house’s achievements positively. Referring to effective collaborations of the Leadinghouse with the Embassy of Switzerland and the Leadinghouse South Asia and Iran, Dr Kordi stated that they were led to expand joint research collaborations of two countries.


He also welcomed Dr. Chiniforush as one of the young and talented researchers of TUMS School of dentistry. He said that by considering the assignments of this house, the activities followed and future landscape to collaborate with Switzerland, we could increase interactions of professors from two countries more than before.


Mrs. Chantal Delli, Counselor of the Embassy also pointed out that the scientific collaborations between Iran and Switzerland are of great importance for the Switzerland Embassy. The Embassy counselor also said that although there is economic and political challenges, there is no limitation for scientific collaborations in the world to move forward in scientific fields.


At the end of the ceremony, certificate of appreciation and appointment statement were awarded to Dr. Meraji and Dr. Chiniforush respectively.




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